Chapter 1: Branching Paths

January 1, 2019 in Ch 1.
Chapter 1: Branching Paths
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Author Notes:

AK Illustrate January 1, 2019
AK Illustrate
And so it begins...
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Panda Cop April 18, 2020
Panda Cop
review here

Sorry i cant put links to the comments in the descriptions anymore. I have it in a pinned comment but i was also told people cant see the comments on my videos.

Youtube is phnishing me for some reason i dont get it. Maybe i tripped an alarm for uploading too many videos with links too quickly.

Also check if the video plays because i kept getting an error message that html 5 video player is not supported but then it started working.

All this youtube bullying me is going to give me diarreah
AK Illustrate April 19, 2020
AK Illustrate
Ahhh, thank you so much for the review!! I super appreciate it! <3

I'm sorry to hear YouTube has been giving you a hard time. I've heard that its algorithm bots can be a major pain.

Thank you again for showcasing my comic and helping all webcomics get more eyes on them! ^^/
Mrremoraman April 30, 2020
I really like the layout of this! Very nicely done!
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