When does this comic update?
It updates on Thursdays!

I noticed you sell your entire chapters before gradually posting them here. Why?
In the past, people have shown interest in supporting my work, and I definitely have an interest in doing art as a job someday. I wanted to find a middle ground where both those interests could be met, as well as one that did not leave people out for not being able to buy the comic.

Why not use a subscription service like Patreon?
I have tried Patreon in the past and found that it was a very stressful undertaking. It always felt like I was putting more work into promoting the Patreon than I was focusing on the art. Not to mention the overwhelming guilt I'd feel when I didn't finish pages on time or had to go on hiatuses due to massive burn out.

By letting the chapter sit on an e-store shelf where people can choose to buy it, I feel less stressed to get things done out of obligation and guilt. I can also give myself plenty of downtime to avoid burn out.

Would you ever consider a subscription service like Patreon in the future? I'd love the see the pages as they are made!
If enough people showed interest, I may consider a subscription service to people who want to see the pages as they are made. However, it would need to be a very large number of people before I decide something like that is worth it.

Would you ever consider printing this comic?
Maybe! I know I would definitely like to!

Is this comic Safe For Work?
Yes. This comic is safe for work.
There will be depictions of blood and violence, but nothing past that.

I remember seeing you post about this story from ____! Wasn't it supposed to be a video game?
That is correct! Nice to see you again!
Yes, this story was originally meant to be a video game. However, making video games proved to be a massive undertaking, and I realized, as far as technology has come, video games as a medium still were not as accessible as I thought they would be, and I kept running into frustrating pitfalls and obstacles.

I found that I'd have to put the game on the backburner until the tech has smoothed out a bit more. However, I loved this world and the characters too much to let them rot. So I decided to make a comic!

So... Will there ever be a game?
Who knows! I'm still interested in the possibility of a game. Unfortunately, it may be a long time before that can happen.