Support Chimeran Legends

Chimeran Legends is an independent webcomic created by AK Illustrate.
If you would like to support AK and the comic, you can do so with the following services!

A shop where you can buy merch with AK's art!
Much of which will be Chimeran Legends related.

Buy Me A Coffee
"" is a donation tip jar that allows for monthly and annual donations!
If you'd like to support AK regularly, this is a good option! Buy AK some fancy teas!

Buy Me a Coffee at
Ko-Fi is another Tip Bucket Service where you can support by buying AK some Coffees!

Here you can buy a commission, or leave a tip
Commissions will not always be available so be sure to check back regularly!

Follow and watch AK's art streams on twitch.

And finally...

One of the best ways you can support the comic is by spreading the word to your friends on your favorite social media sites.
Use the link ( or ( as well as the hashtag (#ChimeranLegends)
and let everyone know how much you love the comic!

Thank you so much for your support, and may your spirit stay strong!

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