When does this comic update?
It updates on Thursdays!

Would you ever consider a subscription service like Patreon in the future?
If enough people showed interest, I may consider a subscription service to people who want to see the pages as they are made. However, it would need to be a very large number of people before I decide something like that is worth it.

Would you ever consider printing this comic?
Maybe! I know I would definitely like to!

Is this comic Safe For Work?
Yes. This comic is safe for work.
There will be depictions of blood and violence, and maybe some very light swearing, but nothing past that.

I remember seeing you post about this story from ____! Wasn't it supposed to be a video game?
That is correct! Nice to see you again!
Yes, this story was originally meant to be a video game. However, making video games proved to be a massive undertaking, and I realized, as far as technology has come, video games as a medium still were not as accessible as I thought they would be, and I kept running into frustrating pitfalls and obstacles.

I loved this world and the characters too much to let them rot, however. So I decided to make a comic!

So... Will there ever be a game?
Actually! There is now a playable Table Top RPG you can play with your friends! So yes, technically there is a game!